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By Prof. Maria C. Mansella and Jennifer Giuliano

"The illusion Italy creates is a relief… The Italian way of life down the centuries attracted people who wanted to take a holiday from their national virtues. In the heart of every man, wherever he is born, whatever his education and tastes, there is one small corner which is Italian, that part which finds regimentation irksome, the dangery of war frightening, stifling, that part wich loves frivolous and entertaining art, admires larger-than life-size solitary heroes, and dreams of an impossible liberation from the
structures of a tidy existence."
~ Luigi Barzini

      Special Interests

Il cibo italiano

"All roads lead to the house, to 'la cucina di casa', the only one that deserves to be called 'Italian cooking'".
-Marcella Hazan

La musica italiana

Enjoy the music of Zucchero, Laura Pausini, Eros, Andrea Boccelli to name a few.  Explore the music of the famous Festival of San Remo or the Festival of la Musica Napolitana.

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L'arte italiana

Take a virtual tour of any museum in Italy.  Explore the Uffizi, the Accademia, the Vatican Museum and many more.

Università nel RI

  Scuole superiori nel RI

I film italiani

Gli amici dell' internet

L'albero di famiglia

Costumi e tradizioni



  moda italiana

Venite, Imparate, Scoprite!

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