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We encourage you to take virtual tours through many beautiful Italian cities.  Discover the vast countryside, museums, beaches, mountains, churches, palaces, and piazzas.  Take a trip without leaving your home.  Enjoy your discoveries and share your experiences with others.


Venice.  "The Queen of the Adriadic".  Stroll through the narrow passages, take a ride on a gondola or hide yourself behind a decorative mask during la festa di Carnevale. "Society is a masked ball, where everyone hides his real character, and reveals it by hiding" -Emerson


Florence.  " The Cradle of the Renaissance".  Visit the many museums, sample gelato, and don't forget to save your money to bargain at the open markets.
Rome.  "The Eternal City".  Walk through hundreds of years of history.  See how the past and the present are so well united. Make a wish at the Fountain of Trevi"   Remember, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do.".

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Sicily.  "The Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea".  The island that has witnessed the development and the decline of numerous civilizations.  "To have seen Italy without seeing Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all for Sicily is the key to everything."
- Goethe

Milan.  "The heart of the Industrial Italy".  This is the center of fashion, finance, publishing, etc.  Attend a performance at La Scala, shop at the famous Galleria, visit Il Duomo, famous for its architecture.  Take a side excursion to the lake regions and enjoy the panoramic views of  the beautiful lakes and their surroundings.

Naples.  Discover "L' Incantesimo della Terra delle Sirene"
"O Sole Mio, Santa Lucia, Marechiare"  These songs say it all! Discover the "Sweet Heart" of Naples, learn the origins, secrets of the Pizza, and take an excursion to the nearby Pompeii.  Allow yourself to stroll back in time.

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